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Tim Hannon
Client Relationship Manager

Tim has been a key member of The Hamilton Group since joining in 1999. As the team’s Relationship Manager, he brings extensive technical industry experience that has allowed him to establish himself as a trusted source to clients. Before to joining The Hamilton Group, Tim began his career as a Legal Review Specialist with Pioneer Investments from 1994-1999, where he developed a well-rounded understanding of the industry.

Regardless of a client’s knowledge of their financial options, Tim provides consistent personalized service to make certain that clients have a clear understanding of their financial portfolio. His primary focus is to ensure that clients receive the highest quality customer service in the industry, which is driven by his passion for helping others achieve their goals.

Tim’s calm and patient demeanor keeps clients at ease. He works with all members of our team and in turn, he has a unique understanding of technical business challenges and opportunities. He’s able to take complex information and clearly communicate it within our team and to clients so the information remains consistent and transparent.

Tim graduated from UMass Amherst with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

Tim Hannon

My wife, Jessica, and I have two children, Autumn and John. Like many families, our kids keep us busy with their schedules but we enjoy the chaos mixed with the rare moments when we have free time.

From boating to hiking, we find ourselves outdoors as much as possible, taking part in activities where we can socialize with others. I also enjoy landscaping to create the ideal outdoor space at our home.

There’s nothing in my life that is more important to me than my family. I’m incredibly fortunate for their support because they push me, make me laugh, and also remind me of the necessity to slow down and enjoy our time with each other.