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Shannon Donovan
Administrative Assistant

Shannon joined the Boston Harbor Wealth Advisors team in 2022 as an Administrative Assistant. She is a fundamental part of our team as one of the first representatives to greet clients entering our office while facilitating the most seamless client experience possible. Her responsibilities include administrative duties, processing paperwork and reports, meeting preparation, promptly and clearly responding to requests and questions from our clients, and supporting two of our lead advisors.

Shannon enjoys building long-term relationships and was attracted to the financial services industry because of the potential to make a lasting impact on the lives of others as a helpful and trusted resource. She is an attentive listener, meticulously organized, and always has the best interest of others in mind. Shannon's positive outlook and personable approach allow her to support our team and clients effectively.

Before joining Boston Harbor Wealth Advisors, Shannon earned a master's degree in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College.

Shannon Donovan

I enjoy exploring our local restaurants and breweries with my boyfriend when I'm not in the office. But as much as I like to go out, I also love my time at home during a lowkey weekend, especially if it means time spent outside by a fire. When I’m at home, if The Office or Seinfeld is on, I'm most likely watching (and quoting) it!