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Samantha Miller
Client Service Manager

Samantha joined Raymond James in May of 2021 after seven successful years with Edward Jones and attaining Limited Partnership. She brings excitement to her client service role at Raymond James as she gets relief from some of her previous corporate duties and is free to focus on what she loves – being there for clients.

She has a rich history of service and education. Samantha spent four years in Special Education for her local school district, and subsequently, seven years in client service for Edward Jones. Regardless of the role she’s found herself in, Samantha always seeks to make an impact. In Special Ed and in a client service capacity, she’s always wanted to know who she was serving and go beyond the job description.

Beyond her compassionate and nurturing style, Samantha attributes much of her desire to know and help others to her worldly upbringing. Due to the nature of her father’s career, her family moved often, and they lived abroad on two separate occasions – Italy (Milan) and Australia (Melbourne). She fondly reflects on these memories as times that strengthened her family, enhanced her ability to acclimate quickly, and granted her the humility to learn from others.

Samantha has a dual bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education from Buffalo State. She later attained her Master’s in Literacy while working in education.

Samantha Miller

Samantha loves being with her family. She and her husband, David, have two children – Ava and Levi. Much of her extended family lives nearby and they enjoy many close relationships. Samantha is also a licensed realtor and has done this on the side since 2017. Her love for houses and her clients makes being a realtor a fun way to engage in her community.