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Robb joined Boston Harbor Wealth Advisors as a Financial Advisor in May 2018. His career began in 2000 at Ameriprise Financial where he served in roles such as a Registered Sales Associate and a Registered Operations Leader. Because of Robb’s understanding and experience in the industry, he brings a diverse and well-rounded background to the team and his clients.

Robb was drawn to the financial industry because of his passion for helping others. While he does not have an aggressive style, once a professional relationship is established, he is committed to pushing his clients to get what they need to reach their established goals. Robb treats his clients the same way that he treats his family; he holds them in high esteem and values the relationships they establish together.

From constantly monitoring accounts to find new opportunities, to outlining long and short-term goals, Robb enjoys the demands of the fast-paced industry because of his detail-oriented approach. He makes it a priority to respond to requests in a timely manner and gives clients his undivided attention.

Robb earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from Southern New Hampshire University in 1994 and earned a graduate certificate in Management and Administration from Harvard University Extension School in 2001.

Robb Cohen

My family is the undoubtedly the highest priority in my life. As a native of Massachusetts, I have a lot of family in the area and I make it a priority to spend time with them whenever we have the chance.

My niece, Soffeya, will visit on most weekends. During the week, she often calls in anticipation of her next visit back to Auntie Ronnie and Uncle Robb’s house. We enjoy exploring the city, swimming in the pool and building LEGO’s together. I’m also close with my cousins. Many of them are involved in sports and it’s a joy to support them and watch them grow up. Additionally, I regularly visit my family who lives in Florida. Spending time with my family in Florida is especially exciting when I can escape the blistering cold winters here and take advantage of a tropical climate. If I’m disconnecting from work, I enjoy traveling and boating - anything that gives me an excuse to be outdoors and by the ocean is where you can find me.

I’ve developed a passion for cooking because of the creativity that it requires. I appreciate the fact that it pushes me in a way that is completely outside of my comfort zone, which has created another connection between my family and me. To me, there’s nothing better than cooking a meal from scratch and sharing it with people who are most important to you.

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