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Kelsey Kapulka
Client Service Coordinator

Kelsey joined the Boston Harbor Wealth Advisors team in 2021 as an Administrative Assistant and was promoted to Client Service Coordinator the following year. She provides critical support across our team to ensure our clients, leadership team, financial advisors, affiliates, and staff are equipped with the resources they need to be successful.

Kelsey has various responsibilities, including direct and prompt communication between our team and clients to facilitate a smooth flow of project operations and meet the clients' specifications and business goals. She also assists our advisors with meeting preparation and follow-up, client onboarding, and account maintenance, among other duties.

In her role, she strives to create a positive environment, including being a trusted resource and creator of innovative solutions. Kelsey strongly believes in delivering excellent customer service and is committed to providing her best efforts to make the lives of others lighter and more comfortable before and throughout retirement. She prioritizes setting and achieving clear goals for herself, using her organizational skills to develop short- and long-term plans to accomplish critical objectives for the organization.

Kelsey aims to build meaningful and trusting relationships with clients. Her attention to detail, ambition, and compassion are essential to serving our many stakeholders effectively in a fastpaced office and industry. Kelsey has earned an Associate of Science degree in Human Services.

Kelsey Kapulka

I lived in Brookfield, MA, until I was eight years old and moved to Worcester, MA, where I have been since and feel fortunate to be close to my family and friends. When I'm not at work, I love to fulfill my passion for travel whenever possible. Whether that means exploring destinations close to home or across the ocean, I enjoy the thrill of travel, understanding different cultures, learning about new places, and building memories with my loved ones throughout those experiences.

I rescued my dog, Rocco, from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017. Since the day we met, he has been attached to my hip. He loves to take a dip in the pool, sit in the sun, go for walks, and eat anything he can get his paws on. I consider him my soul dog!

I am lucky to have a career I enjoy, which also allows me to grow professionally and have a fantastic family and support system.