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Jamie Skaggs, CRPC

Jamie joined Boston Harbor Wealth Advisors in 2022 as a Paraplanner. In her role, she works directly with our advisors to review the progress toward our client’s goals and gathers data to update our client’s financial plans to ensure the guidance they are provided is based on sound data. Jamie aims to make our clients comfortable sharing their dreams, fears, and concerns. She understands that financial planning isn’t only about the happiest moments in life. It’s about the real and unexpected moments, which is why Jamie strives to provide the best service possible to support our clients in navigating life’s moments.

Jamie’s compassionate and dependable nature drives her to be more than part of their financial planning team. She wants to know our clients beyond their assets. She enjoys getting to know our clients personally, from what they enjoy, where they love to travel, and how involved they are with their kids/grandkids, community, and beyond. She wants to be part of their life, not just a phone call to discuss finances. Jamie is passionate about working with people to help them explore their needs and wants for today while ensuring they save for the future. She understands numerous paths to financial independence and enjoys sharing this knowledge with clients.

Before joining our team, Jamie’s final role was an Associate Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial where she worked for nineteen years. She worked with various advisors, giving her exposure to plans, products, and valuable experience establishing lasting and meaningful relationships with clients. Most recently, she served as a Private Client Banker with JPMorgan Chase Bank. Jamie earned a bachelor’s degree in Financial Services and a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources with an Emphasis on Employee Benefits.

Jamie Skaggs

I grew up in a small town, Lewisburg, Ohio, which is actually a village due to its tiny population. There’s just one stoplight, and no one is a stranger. My husband, Jason, and I now live in Tipp City, Ohio. We love where we live! The main street has that small-town feel with little shops and restaurants, but there are MANY more stoplights! We moved here before our oldest son started Kindergarten over 17 years ago. Our kids, Tyler and Thomas, now grown, are affectionately called our “adult children”. We love to hang out with them and spend time together.

We are a family that works hard and plays hard. We are always doing something around the house and are not scared of big or small DIY projects. We spend a lot of time gardening and caring for the house and yard. Once the work is done, you will find us outdoors hiking, biking, kayaking, and walking our dogs. I enjoy reading to unwind and taking a moment to sit still. Once a year we head to the beach, because in my mind if you're not at the beach you're not on vacation.

We now have a herd of dogs, which was never part of the plan! I am a clean freak, and dog hair is not welcomed, but that’s how life works; constantly being thrown curve balls, and I have learned to embrace it and have fallen in love with them! We have our son’s beagle, Bailey, an inherited Newfoundland, Bentley, and the newest edition is a rescue our son brought home, a Golden Retriever, Sweetie.

For me, my priorities are my family and friends. I don’t think a weekend goes by that we don’t have a sibling, niece or nephew, or cousin stopping by. We love to feed people, ensuring they feel welcome in our home. I believe the small town living, along with the strong family connection instilled in me the importance of developing relationships with the clients we work with.